Saturday, December 14, 2019

I am going through all the feels. I am sitting in a hospital room, listening to someone I love breathe, I hear the hum of the oxygen machine and every once in awhile I hear the blood pressure cuff begin to tighten. I am thankful and  I am tired.  We got to the hospital for a scheduled surgery yesterday at 5 am. We soon found out that the surgeon had been called to perform an emergency transplant. My first thought was, two people and their families and loved ones needed prayer. Our day was long. Surgery was 4+ hours and I was alone walking the halls of this hospital that is full of sick, hurting, heartbroken, healing, lost and saved people. I began thinking about how I will never know their stories, and they will not know ours. Yet, we are walking these halls, this journey at the same time. I began smiling at people as I passed them, making eye contact when I could. Then people started smiling back, and even speaking to me. Then I started saying a quick prayer as we passed in the hall or after the nurse left the room. "Thank you, Father", " Give her peace", "Bless them".
Then I was so comforted thinking maybe some of those same people are praying for me as I pass by.

We are in this together. We are HIS hands and feet. Overwhelmed? Yes, me too! Tired? You betcha!
But today wherever you are, hospital, grocery, theater, shopping for Christmas presents, Home with your family. Be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus. Make eye contact, speak to people that you see. Then say a quick prayer for them. We do not always know each other's stories, or burdens. There is someone that does, and He is always with us. 

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